Monday, February 27, 2012

Test Stuff

That's actually fun in a way - though after a while I don't know how or where to go in terms of my polygon placement and stuff. Oh well. Ferdinand eye... sockets, nose and lips, sorta. Still, neat

Oh and random eyeball exercise thing. Looks like meh.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Finished stuff for my model of Drazil the Lizard. Images and video below

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ferdinand Head Test

Was down in the lab today working on stuff for my Maya class and decided to do a small exercise with Ferdinand's head:

Some stills here:

Don't know how to do eyes or glasses yet, so... I did what I could with what I knew :P

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colour Sketch

Oh right. Forgot this one. Rough colour and line thingy.

Assignment 2 Sketches

These should've gone before the last post, but here are some sketches I did up for this project. The first one is what I originally wanted to do, where the chameleon was a girl, but I wanted to stick to a version of the story I read where the lizard was a girl and the chameleon a guy.

Assignment 2 Character Designs

Designs for assignment 2. We only need one character, but I did designs up for for the lizard (Drazil) and the chameleon (Noelemahc), but I'll only be sculpting Drazil (the girl).

 Drazil is the Bringer of Death, known for her speed and uses a blowgun, whereas Noelemahc, her opposite, is the Bringer of Life, who is armed with whip and known for his sturdiness.

Assignment 2 References

For our next assignment, we have to design and sculpt a tribal character. I'm basing mine off of the African myth of the origin of death:

" When God had finished creation he wanted to send people an important message. He called the chameleon to go and tell them that after death they will return to life. The lizard had eavesdropped. However, she had misunderstood what the chameleon was told. She ran quickly to tell people what she thought she had heard God say: "After death there is no return." The agile lizard had long reached the people when the chameleon was still on his way. People thought the lizard's message natural and a matter of fact. When at last the chameleon arrived and delivered God's message, people ridiculed him and said: "You stupid chameleon, we already know that we are all going to die and that death is the end of everything." (Yao, Malawi/Mozambique/Tanzania Myth)" (from

So, being as the myth focuses on the lizard and the chameleon, that's what I'm going to use to base my character after. Here are some refs sheets I compiled. I have photos from African tribes, Mayan/Aztec tribes, tribal masks, weapons and of course of chameleons and lizards.

Star Beetle