Sunday, April 17, 2011

Work in Progress Stuff Part 3

More WIP stuff for my pitch bible! First up is an updated height comparison chart. I changed Mic's height some as my friend Tom suggested it. I would go back and change posing to, but at this point, I'm just worried about getting everything done. The lines are also somewhat faded here, as I like the look and it serves lightly as a silhouette reference too.

Next up is a small sheet of extra characters. Included from left to right on here is the Todd, Evelyn and Lloyd. Evelyn conducts the interview on the other six members of the Crew on the order of Clap. Todd and Lloyd are her camera and sound guy, respectively. These three, along with the next character, show that not everyone in the series has items for heads. The next character up on this sheet is Charlotte Case, the leading lady in the film Clap's directing and later on, his love interest. I kind of had Jessica Rabbit in mind when I was drawing her and it's still to be determined if her personality's a lot like that too.

The other three were going to have their own page, but they don't really appear in the short I have planned, so they get thrown on here. From right to left in the group, we have Tel, Mr. Case and Cal. Mr.Case is the film's Executive Producer, as well as Charlotte's uncle. He's the head honcho over the Crew and the guy that Clap answers to when things turn to SNAFU, which is actually a lot more often than he actual hears of. Tel and Cal are Mr. Case's two right hand men and are usually the ones to visit the set in Mr. Case's behalf to check on Clap's progress.

The next set of images here are basically like expression sheets. I mean, they show the character body expression and certain antics that some of the characters have. I'll go into detail on those individually.

First up is of course Clap, the Crew's "beloved" (in his mind) Director. He's very determined and optimistic, but as show here, can occasionally get stress and a tad depressed. Also, as I thought this would be clever, all the Crew Members have little personality traits/ticks that relate to their item. When Clap is nervous, he'll play with the clapper bit of his clapperboard and if he's trying to be suave (like around the ladies), he'll smooth it down as if he was smoothing back his hair.

Next up is Producer Clip. His sheet shows more of his ticks, such as the paper on his clipboard revealing his mood or how he yanks those papers out when stressed. Another one of his ticks is that when he runs out of papers on the clipboard, he's a "blank slate" of sorts and needs some time to "gather his thoughts."

Thirdly is Cam, the Camera Guy. This sheet also shows two of his ticks. The first is on the left, where it depicts him with his film reels popped out. The happens when he gets too stressed and he also usually needs a minute to "gather his thoughts" when this happens. The other is on the right - when he sleeps or naps, he usually puts on his lens cap.

Next up to bat is Mic, the Sound Guy. This doesn't show any of his ticks and he doesn't have many. Actually, only one that I can think of, and that's unplugging his boom mic when he actually doesn't feel like listening to people. This page also shows how he has to duck when coming into rooms due to his height.

Next is Lighting Guy Spot. I had to redo this one because the first one sucked. Anyway, the tick shown here is on the left. When he gets headaches, his light tends to break. His other ticks include closing the flaps arounds his light when sleeping, the top one falling sort of like an "angry eyebrow" when upset and his light being on or off depending on his mood. He's usually a pretty bright, happy guy though, so it tends to be on.

Next we have Reel, the Editor. None of these show his ticks, but his include smoothing back the loose bit of film as if it were hair and when he's editing, he likes to clip off a bit to insert into the film as to "add a bit of himself" to it. Here though we have how easily annoyed he is and how he deals with it (head to the wall) and how he spends his free time, which is usually by watching movies.

Lastly, we have Rite, the timid Screenwriter. The only tick pictured here is on the left. He types on his keys when nervous, as if he was biting his nails. His other ticks include coming up blank when he doesn't have a piece of paper, getting writer's block when his ribbon gets jammed, or having his "mind picked" by Clap when he snatches the piece of paper from the typewriter.

These are going to say as lineart for the time being, as I do still have other things to do, but yeah. That's what we have so far. Now I need to go and work on environments, but I'm gonna take a break now and do something that's probably really stupid : )

Friday, April 8, 2011

Work in Progress Stuff Part 2

Some more WIP stuff for my Pitch Bible. I just finished the lineart and base colour for all my character info ref sheets along with the height comparison chart. Here are those files


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Work In Progress Stuff

I was going to throw this all up on the main blog post, but teacher wants WIP stuff for our pitch bibles. I'm working with the idea mentioned in the last blog post with the film crew. Here are some of the sketches I did over the summer for the character, when I was still developing the characters.

From top to bottom, we have a rough sketch of Clap interacting with Rite. Clap likes to "pick" Rite's brain for ideas and that means he pulls the paper out of Rite's typewriter. Below those two is a sketch of the Executive Producer and the main boss of the Crew, Mr Case. He doesn't make an appearance in the short I have planned, but he does exist. Behind him, are his two cronies and right hand men, Cal and Tel.

Under that is some development sketches for Clap. They just show some of his reactions and have some personality notes on the side. Below that is the same thin for Cam.

But that's all I really have at the moment. I can't find any of the other ones, because they're scattered about like mad, but still, there you go : )