Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Assignment 7

Okie day, nearing the end here. For our second to last assignment, we had to do environments. Whoo.. Joy... My favourites.

Anywho, like a few others I know are doing, I did mine for my Pitch Bible (which is the next assignment) which also goes along with the idea I would like to do for my Senior Project in a few years. The basic idea focuses on this group I call the Crew, a group of men whose heads correspond with different pieces of equipment on a film set. The story follows how they interact with on another on set and such and it was an idea I got while working on a film set last summer as an intern.

The Senior Project idea would be shorter than the actual run, where it's like a show and the Senior thing would be like a pilot episode. In the Project, it would be like a short interview with the six other members of the Crew on their feelings towards their rather flamboyant Director.

Here are the old designs for my good fellows, though they'll soon get a make over:

Their names and their roles are listed there too.

Anyway, for my environments, I did ones based off the Crew's meeting room, the building they meet at and the lounge room that the interviews are done in. Here are some refs I got, mainly like office funiture but I did a bunch on the fly:

The first environment is the meeting room. I did all these on paper first and then scanned them in and this was the only one I coloured.

Happy with how the colouring came out. I really really really really like that plant. The one on the table. It makes me happy. The sun shading makes me happy too. Oh and just for fun, I also threw Clap (the Director) in here, just for.. fun... Yeah.

The other two backgrounds were just gray shaded and roughly at that. Here you have the Lounge Area and then the Maple Tree Productions building

So yeah. Not much to type. I'll probably repeat some of this later. That and I'm tired and stuff, so yeah. Cool beans.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Assignment 6

Well, I know we only had a technical week to get this done and I would've actually had these up this past Monday (the technical due date) if it wasn't due to the fact that my cousin (who I'm visiting down in Fort Worth, TX at the moment) doesn't have Internet at his new apartment yet. But yeah - enough excuses. Work time.



I hate vehicles, like... even more than I hate drawing animals. Why... why vehicles....

First off, for this assignment, I decided to go back to an older story idea I've been playing around with. I've come up with characters and some rough location ideas, but none concerning transportation within the story. So I took this as a good opportunity to come up with something. Here's the basic idea of the story, which I call (work in progress title) Messenger's Plight.

In it, we follow the journey of the ex-war messenger Hermes as he travels across the desert to the medical city of Asclepeion, in hopes of finding help for his daughter's trauma induced amnesia. Throughout the journey, they are targeted by bounty hunters, looking to collect the price on Hermes' head which is only there because he was framed for something he didn't do.

Here are the designs for the main cast of characters, including Hermes, his daughter Tyche and the bounty hunter Artemis

Hermes: He was once a soldier during the war many years before the events of Messenger's Plight. He used to live as one of the City Council of his hometown, but was soon framed for the near death of his daughter. He now journeys to aid the young girl and hopefully bring back her memories by crossing the deserts to Asclepeion.

Tyche: Hermes' young daughter, stricken with amnesia after she was nearly killed. She's withdrawn and quiet and hardly remembers her father.

Artemis: A bounty hunter tracking Hermes, she ends up traveling with the two after Hermes broke her arm in self defense. She's a rather headstrong person who's very determined. She doesn't believe Hermes at first, but eventually aides him slightly in his quest.

The idea overall is very rough though I did have the designs for Hermes and Artemis already started before this project. I really like Greek/Roman myth, so that's why I was running with the names and the location name choices. Same with roles and weapons, such as Hermes once being a messenger and how he wields a weapon designed after the caduceus. Artemis, in turn, is hunter and wields a bow-like gun.

Here are those initial designs (Artemis' isn't finished evidently here)

Now, I'm going to rush for the next part. I'm at my aunt's using her Internet and she needs to take us back to the apartment (she drove us today). Sooooooo rushing. I will come back later and fill in the other stuff, even though no one probably reads it...

Anyway, vehicle. I designed the vehicle after army jeeps and cars from like the WWII era. I really like those designs and tried to merge them. Here are some sketches and I'll come back with the ref page later (as I forgot to throw that together - man I hate being rushed)

I really didn't know where to start with this though as I wanted something unique, but it still looks kinda the same. I tried to round the car's design more, as I thought that fit more with what I was thinking of, as I picture the cities being composed of rounded buildings too. I had issues initially drawing them, so I used Sai's marker tool in a way that looks (at least to me) similar to how I see some of the trans kids around school draw cars.

Okay, edit. Jeep ref people:

I stuck mainly with the design on the upper left of the third file and came up with the Desert Messenger:

I tried to make it look eh... dirty-ish and all worn, as it is driven in the desert... but I think I failed again. Also, I just generally suck at cars. I linked it to belonging to Hermes with the decor (blue seats, wings) along with the name.

And here's the action shot thing:

Sorry for the rushing - I'll spruce this up later.